For a thousand years, the Guardians protected all Havenshire from evil. Now the Dark One comes to conquer and destroy all in his path. Can anyone stop him?
Castle Havenshire has fallen. The king is dead. Hundreds of Guardians lay dead with him. Only twelve Guardians remain. Will they be enough to stop him?
Join the Fight against the Dark One. The Dark One comes. Only you can help the Guardians stop him.
Meet Private Pierce Light, Harvester, Skullsplitter, and Iron Claw. These are the Heroes of the First. Go to Amazon.com for a sneek peek into their story.

What I Do

I write fiction that entertains and inspires. You will finds these books hard to put down once you start. Each book is action packed, filled with the edge of your seat adventures you love to read. These are the kind of books I would read when I was a teen and still enjoy to this day. My goal is to get good and entertaining fiction in your hands as well as helpful nonfiction for your lives.

Each book is a page turning thrill ride that is hard to put down. Fans of the Hunger Games, The Ranger's Apprentice series, and the Lord of the Rings have all loved these books. These are the anti-Harry Potter stories. 

You will not find any subversive liberal ideologies inside any of my writings. I am a Christian conservative. You will find good versus evil; and you will not have to question if the villains is really evil. Still, my villains are not cardboard cutouts; and neither are my heroes.

Read my blog Words of War and Wisdom which can be a great help.

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  • I can read your stuff (no more than 100 pages double spaced at first.)

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Coming Soon-Triumph and Tragedy: Guardians of Havenshire IV

Seeing is believing, and I want you to believe in me.

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From the opening chapter, Feliu unleashes gripping details.- From the Cheap Seats

Feliu has developed a world where you not only experience the characters develop , but you can't help but draw close to them as the book goes on.- Metro Voice

If you're looking for something new to read, join the battle against the Dark One. You'll be glad you did. -Rob Mooney from the Metro Voice.

Finished Guardians of Havenshire.Available on Amazon Kindle. Enjoyed it. Must rate it PG for intense action & violence. -Guillermo Deleon. Children's Pastor @ International Baptist Church.

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